Compliance Policies

SemiAnalysis has adopted a comprehensive compliance program by engaging an experienced third-party compliance firm. We are not a FINRA member, but we have adopted research practices that are up to FINRA standards.

  • Our compliance policies adopted are outlined in an extensive compliance handbook which all staff must review annually and upon onboarding.

  • We conduct compliance training during onboarding and annually, covering applicable laws and regulations, proper handling of material non-public information (MNPI), regulatory risk, personal account investments and trading, business communications, cybersecurity among other topics.

  • We have implemented personal account monitoring, and we restrict trading on securities related to the Semiconductor and AI sector (a list of hundreds of securities) as well as on any other securities that feature prominently in articles we plan to publish or have published recently.

  • Institutional research for institutional investors (IE not newsletter) are reviewed by a Series 16 Supervisory Analyst prior to publication.

  • Client communications are subject to compliance policies, and we have implemented appropriate monitoring and record-keeping systems.

  • We do not provide any investment advice, buy/sell/hold or any other ratings on any securities, nor do we provide valuations or target prices for any securities. We provide what we believe is the most realistic view into how the industry and firms do from a revenue, cost, and margin perspective by product or segment on a historical and forward looking basis.