SemiAnalysis - Bridging the gap between business and the world's most important industry.

SemiAnalysis is a boutique semiconductor research and consulting firm specializing in the semiconductor supply chain from chemical inputs to fabs to design IP and strategy.

We partner with firms to assist them with strategy and due diligence in the semiconductor industry. We pride ourselves on doing very intensive channel checks throughout the industry. Our checks extend down to the level of POR equipment, chemicals, and materials choices for major semiconductor fabs. They also extend up through to process nodes, wafer costs, yields, and the packaging ecosystem. We analyze and study design choices related to heterogeneous architectures, server-level system architecture, packaging types, and the design and IP ecosystem. As such, we work with private semiconductor firms as well as with funds.

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Bridging the gap between the world's most important industry, semiconductors, and business.


Dylan Patel 

Bridging the gap between business and the worlds most important industry.