SemiAnalysis - Bridging the gap between business and the world's most important industry.

SemiAnalysis is an independent research and analysis company specializing in the Semiconductor and AI industries. Our in-depth coverage spans the entire supply chain, from semiconductor fabrication essentials to cutting-edge AI Models, software, and infrastructure for them.

What we cover:

  • Semiconductor Capital Equipment & Materials

  • Fabrication and Packaging

  • Foundries, Process Nodes, Wafer Yields, and Costs

  • Chip Design & VLSI

  • Networking & Optics

  • Server-Level System Architecture, Datacenters

  • Software and EDA

  • AI Model Frameworks, Training & Inference Infrastructure, Performance, and Cost

  • And much more.

Our unique product-first approach, combined with our analysts' extensive experience following and working in the Semiconductor and AI industry allows us to delve deeply into technical complexities. We pride ourselves on our highly aligned team, offering a unified view of the world’s most intricate supply chain.

Most importantly – we hold a deep-rooted passion for delving into the intricacies of all things Semiconductor and AI and sharing key insights we discover with our subscribers and clients.

Services we offer:

  • Strategic and technical consulting and analysis services for organizations in semiconductor industry and institutional.

  • Tailored solutions to match our clients’ needs with options such as retained advisory engagements, bespoke project work, offering industry and product models for sale and hourly consulting.

SA Unique Selling Points

  • Product first - we focus on technology, trends, and look at it from a tech/product first perspective as opposed to viewing firms in isolation.

  • Flywheel approach - Semiconductors and AI are the most intricate supply chain and nobody knows every step - many specialists in one part of the supply chain would like to gain perspective on many other parts - leading to a mutually beneficial engagements. They need understand the context of what's going on upstream and downstream.

  • Attend 40+ industry conferences and engage with every layer of the abstraction stack regularly.

Contact us for bespoke consulting and analysis services. Let's explore how we can tailor insights specifically for you.

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Bridging the gap between the world's most important industry, semiconductors, and business.


Bridging the gap between business and the worlds most important industry.