Intel going into software is very bullish, the rate at which they are acquiring companies is breath taking. Its something like one company a month? I'm not sure I've seen a company buy so many companies at once. I like the direction they are heading towards.

However, I'm skeptical about a lot of synergies. Don't see how Screenovate is going to help. How are they going to monetize it? Start selling the software? Bundle with OEMs? Software isn't something you can just glue together. What's the TAM? It has to be big enough to move the needle for Intel.

Lots of open source stuff - but I'm not sure how this directly benefits Intel since everyone would benefit. I always thought these were acquihire acquisitions rather than for the technology. I guess I would like to see them having a coherent software strategy rather than random acquisitions.

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Thanks for the article. Very interesting and kind of shocking the delays with the GPU products with the massive manpower effort that must be behind them.

"In our various discussions with Intel folks, the theme of accountability was very apparent. While it was never explicitly stated by anyone, the symptoms, increased responsibility and more meaningful measurable targets are being driven down the organization." What is the feedback from INTEL employees about the impact of Pat Gelsinger's strategy and his so called "Torrid Pace" ? Is there a sense of being more competitive against AMD, AAPL and NVDA in both client and data center business? How is employee morale? Judging just by the stock performance not too many people buy the turnaround story and the massive effort in leading again process technology and creating a fab giant (IDM 2.0) able to compete with TSM or SAMSUNG. What is your personal feeling about it?

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Employees are quite optimistic, way more than they were pre-Pat. Noone drinks the Kool aid and thinks it happens soon though. They all know it will take multiple years to resurge. I've written in depth on my opinion about the turn around in the articles I linked above.

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