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It'll be very interesting to see what kind of co-packaged optics they'll actually use. What kind of wide band gap materials will they make the photonic elements out of? How will they co-package it, keep them close on the PCB? Put them on a substrate with the GPU? What kind of substrate and what kind of integration from 2D to 2,5D and 3D if they do? We have a possible range from 'just solder the internals of current optics straight onto the PCB' to 'We are using WBG materials which let us attain high speeds but need to stay within a .1C temp range to get workable frequency drift so we developed this exotic cooling solution" which they could all call co-packaged optics.

I think it would be very interesting if you could write an article going over that range of possibilities, what we'll see appear first (and where) and what kind of development timeline we're looking at for the more exotic stuff.

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Those power numbers man!

Great stuff, linked it here:


Cheers 💚 🥃

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Is the last question of the article a rhetorical one? Or will it be answered in future article?

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