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“Moore’s Law is dead … It’s completely over.” The executive added the expectations of twice the performance for similar cost was “a thing of the past” for the industry." (Jensen Huang via Barrons)

What about Huang's law? loll


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I got a pile of money and a 2nd had 2080ti waiting for AMD in November.

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Some C level managers should just get a reality check that all this bloated pricing was due to mining. In 2013 i bought a GTX Titan at 765CHF. Since then, salaries have grown maybe 10%. GPU prices have grown 220%.

In september 2019 i bought an already overpriced because of mining 2080 Ti for the ludicrous price of 999CHF. Less than 3 year later they want to tell me that the normal 4080, not even Ti is priced at 1199?

I simply call it greed. In the dystopian capitalism we are living in today, they had a fantastic couple of years thanks to mining with amazing shareholders reports. They are just trying to somehow keep the same numbers....

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Just curious if you will update the article again, or if I have been mistaken by the recent reviews.

With the benchmarks for AD102 and N31 out, do you still consider the current dGPU generation as a cost disadvantage for Nvidia? BOM per Performance seems to be about equal for raster. BOM per Performance favours Nvidia on Raytracing.

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Just give me some amd goodness and I'm set. I dont want to overpay for a giant room heater and energy high from Nvidia. I just want a nice looking and card because I'm a fanboy and don't care even if it is 10 fps slower to it will be several hundred cheaper. That makes it ok. I'll pick the brand I like at a good price vs a brand I don't at an over priced gou just because it has 10fps more. 4k gaming is what I want. That's all. And = keep my pay :) Nvidia is a new GPU at an atrocious amount and a new PSU. Personally not ready to make that much of an investment for better graphics.

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